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Saturday, November 12 2016

Natural woven shopping bags

These hand-woven bags have been crafted by skilled female weavers in Kenya. Made of sisal fibre which is incredibly tough, so you can stuff this natural woven tote full of goodies time and time again. Sisal is not only durable it is an environmentally friendly fibre as it is biodegradable and almost no pesticides or fertilisers are used in its cultivation. Ecofriendly and fairtrade these natural woven totes are the perfect carryall , not too large, they are sturdy and stylish all in one.

Natural woven shopping bags

This traditional natural woven tote has been made by hand in Kenya using an age old skill of weaving hand dyed sisal fibre into beautiful natural woven bags called, kiondo. Each one is hand crafted to produce a beautiful, durable one of a kind ecofriendly tote bag that will last for years. Use it as a shopping bag or every day carry all. The best part is that the sisal used to make the kiondo is sustainably sourced and fairly traded

Natural woven market baskets

This sturdy Fair-Trade woven market basket is made from the fibrous leaves of the holga tree, which have been spun and hand-woven by artisans resulting in a bag that is both natural and durable. The Fair Trade tote is woven and assembled by artisans in Bangladesh, providing sustainable employment. This roomy  natural woven tote is perfect for those trips to the market, picnics or as a beach bag.

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