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Thursday, November 05 2020

Ecofriendly Gift Ideas- Elephant Dung Paper Stationery

Paper manufacturing is one of the most environmentally damaging industries in the world. The major source of raw material is obtained from trees and huge numbers of trees are harvested annually .The industrialised process of paper making also involves other environmentally destructive practices such as the use of toxic chemicals including chlorine used to make the paper brighter . There are environmentally friendlier ways of making paper, ways which do not exploit natural resources and avoid the use of toxic chemicals . One of these is by making paper using elephant dung.

elephant dung paper

The elephant dung paper making process takes approximately 13 days.  It uses traditional paper making techniques and the elephant dung pulp is usually mixed with recycled paper to add strength to the final product. It follows a simple process.

environmentally friendly gift idea

Collect the elephant dung
Wash and boil
Add the colours
Sift evenly into frames
Dry the paper pulp using sunlight
Smooth the surface
Create eco-freindly journals, notebooks, cards etc

sustainable gift ideas

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