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Monday, May 21 2018

African baskets have become a favourite among people who value unique artisan made decor items. Whether they are chosen for a traditional or contemporary home or even a commercial setting the hundreds of different designs and colours, different weaving styles and materials used mean there are baskets that appeal to all tastes and budgets. All African baskets have one thing in common they are a reflection of the cultural identity of the artisans who make them  and involve highly skilled craftsmanship .

African baskets

Woven baskets made from natural materials are the most familiar of African baskets. They vary in size, texture and weaving style. One of the most popular baskets are those using  dried grasses skilfully woven by hand using traditional weaving skills that have been handed down from generation to generation.

African Baskets

In some African countries such as Rwanda, the materials are dyed in a myriad of colours before weaving. The designs are still traditional but the colours that are chosen now suit more contemporary settings. These sturdy baskets  are very versatile and have many different uses such as a fruit bowl, a bowl that holds a collection of natural treasures such as little pine cones or simply as a eye focusing decor piece.

African Baskets

An eye catching basket that is a variation on traditional African weaving can be found in the stunning woven wire baskets for South Africa. Using traditional Zulu weaving skills but using modern materials these telephone wire baskets have evolved into a wonderful new art form. Available in many different coulours and patterns they have rapidly become the favourite of many collectors who value the creativity, skill and beauty of these baskets

Not only are African baskets a lovely addition to homes and commercial spaces the purchase of these items benefits the artisans and communities in which they are made. The sales of these baskets  provide a dignified living for the weavers who often live in remote and rural areas where there is high unemployment and the sales of the baskets also ensure that these wonderful  weaving skills are preserved .

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