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Tuesday, November 26 2019
There are many reasons to choose fair-trade products, they give back to the people who make them, they are unique handmade items and the are out of the ordinary.
These delightful Fair-Trade Christmas decorations are handmade and have that irreplaceable touch of having been individually made by a skilled artisan rather than made by machines. Each beautiful hand crafted piece is unique and because of this individual touch they make perfect gifts. 
Fair Trade Christmas
Fairtrade products come from many different countries around the globe so the range is amazing and the items fascinating.  There are stories behind the products and different cultural influences which influence the designs  
Christmas decorations ethically made
Fairtrade Christas decorations are gifts that give back. Each one of these hand sewn angels provides a small income for the woman who made it. 
ethical Christmas gift ideas
So if youre looking for that special  Fairtrade Christmas product , Im sure youll be delighted at what you discover.

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Thursday, April 04 2019

Fair-Trade African Baskets

These striking African baskets are handmade in Swaziland. Weaving skills have been handed down for generations in Swaziland from mother to daughter. Baskets woven traditionally were functional for food bowls and had no colour, colour is a recent introduction. Basket weaving has recently become an artistic medium, increasingly motivated by aesthetics and reflects a new level of sophistication and expertise

This gorgeous woven African basket is made from sisal fibres The sisal plant is used because of its strength. The fibre is harvested, dried, hand dyed and  then made into a thin coil by being rolled against the weaver's leg becaue of this long process these are one of the most labour intensive of all African baskets for their size.

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Tuesday, January 01 2019
reusable lunch bag
These re-usable lunchbags are the perfect way to identify your lunch in the office fridge, that's if you can keep these gorgeous oil cloth lunch bags for yourself and they don't end up taking lunch to school with the kids!
floral lunch bags
Made from Mexican oilcloth these brightly coloured oilcloth lunch bags are the ideal way to brighten up your day The lunch bags are easily wiped clean, they fit over a standard sized lunch box and fold over and close with a Velcro seal
oil cloth bags
The Mexican oilcloth used for these lunch-bags is a traditional fabric you probably remember as a brightly coloured cloth on your Grans kitchen table.  It’s a highly durable, fade resistant, stain resistant and it simply wipes clean. The lunch bags are also available with insulation. Just perfect for those hot summer days.
lunchbags insulated
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