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Saturday, December 10 2016

There are plenty of thoughtful last-minute green Christmas gifts for everyone on your list! So whether you haven’t been able find that special something for your sister, neighbour, or even your friends, here are some gift ideas that are earth friendly and people friendly.

Always well recieved are these gorgeous Christmas tree decorations. These beautiful handmade felt angel decorations, with detailed beadwork patterns, have been sewn by hand by Zulu women in remote areas of South Africa. 

Ethical Christmas gift ideas

Fatty Angels $8.50

If you are looking for an unusual Christmas present for someone special look no further than these striking bangles produced by Australian Indigenous Artists .  Aboriginal artists have used symbolism from their own individual Dreaming path including single and concentric circles, animal tracks and straight and curved lines to decorate the jewellery.

Australian gift ideas

Indigenous Arts Bracelet $25.00

Recycled gifts are always well recieved by those who are environmentally aware. Not only are these recycled bicycle tyre wallets ecofriendly they are locally made. 

wallets recycled ecofriendly

Recycled Tyre Wallets $39.00

Perfect for reducing waste these gorgeous oil-cloth lunch-bags are the coolest way to pack a litterless lunch. Available in a range of designs that suit adults as well as children they are a great gift idea and wull be used again and again.

reusable lunch-bags

Oil-Cloth Lunchbags $16.00

These handwoven, fairtrade sisal bags have been skillfully made by weavers in Kenya. Sisal fibre is incredibly tough, so this natural woven bag will last for ages . These hand woven totes are the perfect carry all , not too large, they are sturdy and stylish all in one.

Natural woven tote bags
Kiondo Bag $25.00

Ethical Christmas gifts for children can be hard to find. These hand knitted, pure wool, soft toys from Kenya would delight any child. Each adorable toy is unique and full of character and sure to become a favourite bedtime friend. They even have the name of the woman who knitted the elephant on the label.

pure wool toys

Kenana Knitters Elephant $30.00

Candles are a terrific last minute gift idea. These Swazi Candles are have been designed on the artwork by renown Noosa artist "Noongali". The unique African candles are handmade in Swaziland, using the age old technique of "millefiore".  The hard outer wax veneer forms an outer shell of the candle, which does not melt when the candle is lit. The flame from the soft inner core spreads the light throughout the entire candle bringing the pattern to life as soon as the candle is lit. 

Gift Pack African Candles $18.00

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Monday, November 21 2016

. You don’t need to make big changes to any of your buying habits to become an active participant in changing the world. Fair-Trade allows you to play an influential role in international commerce simply by being conscientious about the kind of products you buy. 
 Fairtrade is when everybody involved in a product makes a fair, sustainable living from the product.  When you buy Fair-Trade products, you are purchasing products that pay a fair price to the craftsmen.
You may sometimes find Fair-Trade products to be a little more expensive than their counterparts. This is where your conscience and your purchasing power come into play, by choosing in favor of the artisans and producers, and paying a little more to do so, you are acting to make the marketplace more equitable. 
hand knitted teddy bears
Don’t undervalue the fact that by purchasing Fair-Trade products, you are playing a crucial role in improving others lives and helping to preserve age old skills.
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Saturday, November 12 2016

Natural woven shopping bags

These hand-woven bags have been crafted by skilled female weavers in Kenya. Made of sisal fibre which is incredibly tough, so you can stuff this natural woven tote full of goodies time and time again. Sisal is not only durable it is an environmentally friendly fibre as it is biodegradable and almost no pesticides or fertilisers are used in its cultivation. Ecofriendly and fairtrade these natural woven totes are the perfect carryall , not too large, they are sturdy and stylish all in one.

Natural woven shopping bags

This traditional natural woven tote has been made by hand in Kenya using an age old skill of weaving hand dyed sisal fibre into beautiful natural woven bags called, kiondo. Each one is hand crafted to produce a beautiful, durable one of a kind ecofriendly tote bag that will last for years. Use it as a shopping bag or every day carry all. The best part is that the sisal used to make the kiondo is sustainably sourced and fairly traded

Natural woven market baskets

This sturdy Fair-Trade woven market basket is made from the fibrous leaves of the holga tree, which have been spun and hand-woven by artisans resulting in a bag that is both natural and durable. The Fair Trade tote is woven and assembled by artisans in Bangladesh, providing sustainable employment. This roomy  natural woven tote is perfect for those trips to the market, picnics or as a beach bag.

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Sunday, November 06 2016

Fairtrade Gifts

Kissi Stone Hippos

Ethical Gifts offers a delightfully different range of gifts. All of our products are chosen because they are eco friendly, use fair trade practices and are innovative, creative and exciting designs

sustainable gifts

Fairtrade Woven Sisal Tote Bag

Impressive skills have been applied to all the products and discarded materials such as paper, plastic and cement bags are ingeniously recycled to create contemporary, functional, unique, products.

Fairtrade Gift Baskets

Fairtrade Coffee Gift Basket

The Ethical Gifts collection includes stunning examples of African township art, ecofriendly and fairtrade bags and wallets made from recycled materials, fair-trade jewellery and delightful handmade and fairtrade  toys.

Pure wool knitted toys

Hand Knitted Fairtrade Toys

We stock only products that comply with fair trade and ethical production standards

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Monday, September 26 2016

Eco Gift FinderIts easy to find Eco gifts with Ethical Gifts. If you are looking for a Green Christmas present, a birthday present, or just a treat for yourself, an eco friendly gift is always special.

Here are a few sustainable gift ideas. Fairtrade, ecofriendly or upcycled gifts to give.

Holga Leaf Market Bags

A sturdy and stylish market basket which is made from the fibrous leaves of the sustainable holga tree.

Eco Gift IdeasEco Gift Ideas

Recycled Glass Eco Bracelet

Each hand painted recycled bead on this eco bracelet represents facets of our world: earth, oceans, rainforests, atmosphere, wildlife, people and peace.

eco gift ideas for women

Fairtrade Beaded Magnets

Each delightful little beaded elephant magnet from South Africa has been painstakingly handcrafted. A delightfuly quirky addition to any gift. 

Fairtrade Gift Ideas

Recycled Paper Journals  

These lovely elephant dung paper notebooks are a wonderful practical gift. Perfect for use as a journal or simply as an everyday notebook.

green gift ideas

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Monday, September 26 2016

Stunning cushions handcrafted from recycled corn bags

eco homeware

Individually handmade in South Africa, each breathtaking cushion cover is hand embroidered with wool on recycled corn bags. The range is inspired by the bright colours of the vibrant culture of the women in this project. Each cushion is backed on blue or yellow cotton and has hand beaded edges.

Eco Home

  These stunning cushions help women and youths to earn a decent living, make their voices heard, learn usable skills and improve their overall quality of life. Every detail of these cushions embodies fair trade, recycling and community empowerment. We love them, and we know you will too!

 Fair-Trade Australia

Ethical Gifts        Sustainable Gifts       Fairtrade Gifts

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Tuesday, September 13 2016

These unique gift ideas are cleverly designed and made using recycled materials.

Bowls made From Recycled Vinyl Records

A new spin on recycling, using discarded records and recreating them into these unbelievable bowls. Made from  vintage vinyl LP records these bowls are a perfect upbeat contemporary decoration. 

Bowls Recycled Records

Bags Made From Recycled Cement Bags

These extremely robust yet lightweight eco bags are produced from recycled materials by an organisation in Bangladesh, under fair working conditions. This ecofriendly bag is fully lined, waterproof and tough enough to carry heavy shopping.

Bags recycled cement

Wallets Made From Recycled Bike Tubes

A colourful slim recycled tyre tube wallet with plenty of style and functionality. 

Wallets Recycled Bike Tube

Stationery Made From Elephant Dung

Using 100% recycled paper which is made from 75% elephant dung and 25% office waste these recycled paper note holders and journals are an ideal gift for someone who likes things that are a bit different!

Stationery Gift Recycled Paper

Bowls Made From Recycled Saris

If you love the retro look you'll love these multicoloured recycled sari bowls. Every bowl is unique depending on the recycled cotton saris that are used. Delightful as a decor piece for the bedroom, office or study.

Recycled Gifts, Bowls Recycled Saris

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Sunday, August 21 2016

Swazi Candles Bringing The Light From Africa To The World

Fairtrade Swazi Candles

Swazi Candles is a unique company that produces beautiful candles in the heart of Africa. Situated in the Malkerns Valley in the Kingdom of Swaziland, this small candle company been producing striking handmade candles since 1981 

    Swazi CandlesFairtrade Craftsfairtrade

Swazi Candles are handcrafted and hand-finished by local artisans, making each candle a unique work of art. Inspired by the landscape and animals of Africa, Swazi Candles incorporate these images and patterns and a wide range of beautiful geometric patterns that look superb as accent pieces in your home. 

                           fairtrade and handmade

 Most Swazi Candles are reusable and can be used as stylish candle-holders after the initial candle burns down. The candles have a hard outer wax shell which hardly melts when the candle is lit resulting in a magical glow as the inner wax burns leaving the outer wax intact. Candles can be reused  as the outside shell of the candles remains beautifully intact, simply insert a t-light candle into the shell. 

ethical gift ideas



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Saturday, June 04 2016

Adorable pure wool hand made soft toys

Beautiful toys, each skillfully hand made by the women from Kenana Knitters  a fair-trade organization that works with 250 knitters who hand-knit each wondeful handmade toy with special care. Every item is a unique and very loveable toy  carries the signature of the woman who created it

Kenana Knitters LIon

In Kenana Knitters the women hand spin locally bought sheep fleece into wool, which is then used to make soft toys. The company provides everything they need to knit these products, which it then buys off them. In addition to a respectable income Kenana Knitters also gives the women access to facilities such as HIV health clinics, adult literacy and IT classes.


Cute, cuddly, handmade and charitable. The perfect gift.


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