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Wednesday, November 26 2014

Eco Christmas Gift Ideas

 Ecofriendly Christmas Angels

Christmas is the perfect time to try to be a bit kinder to the planet and to people who live in parts of the world where life is a constant battle. Here are some ideas for a greener and kinder Christmas.
Reuse and recycle: Look at things creatively many items can be used for other purposes or reused. Cut up last year’s Christmas cards to make gift tags After Christmas, many stores have cards recycling stations, keep an eye out for them. Instead of sending Christmas cards, send e-cards, save on paper and the money saved can be donated to a charity.
Avoid commercially produced gift wrapping paper So much paper, and therefore trees and energy, is wasted every year just to end up thrown in the bin. Use ecofriendly recycled paper and decorate it. Get the kids to help it is great for an afternoons fun. 
Plan Christmas. That way you will void impulse buying those last minute gifts which are often discarded after a few days.
Ethical Gift Ideas. A soft toy like the ones in the Pebble collection helps provide families in Sri Lanka with a dignified income. Fair Trade Kenana Knitters puppets will provide hours of fun , not only are these delightful toys ecofriendly they are superbly hand made. Bags and wallets made of recycled materials are a great ethical gift idea they not only look terrific but are durable enough to be used for many years. Stunning Telephone wire bowls will be sure to impress even the fussiest of friends. These unique gifts are both handmade and Fair Trade
Buy Local Christmas is the perfect time of the year to discover your local farmers market if you haven’t already. The produce is fresh, there is more variety and it is usually produced locally. Besides saving on fuel miles you will also be supporting your local economy
Cook In Advance Christmas puddings, jams and sauces all make lovely gifts. The internet has a great selection of recipe ideas. Avoid buying commercially produced food if you have the time you can make a great deal of the food yourself.You will not only have some very tasty gifts for friends and family you will save money, save on the fuel it would normally take to transport the produce to the supermarket and have healthier chemical free Christmas treats.

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Wednesday, November 19 2014
Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts

Green living and gift giving can be so simply combined.  There is no need to compromise on one or the other. By giving an ethical Christmas present it’s not just the gift recipient who will benefit but the planet and the people with whom we share it.  It isnt hard to find something special that does no harm to the planet and even benefits others

Green Gifts For Women

Eco friendly and fairtrade Christmas presents such as this exquisite necklace made from tagua nuts, also known as vegetable ivory, are gorgeous as well as earth friendly
Ethical Gifts For Children
Handmade toys made are a better choice than factory produced plastic toys and fairtrade toys are also environmentally friendly as they do not require enormous amounts of power to produce. This cute little fairtrade  baby's rattle is hand crocheted

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Thursday, November 13 2014
Eco Christmas Gift Ideas
Christmas time is just around the corner so now is a great time to get your list together and carefully choose this year's Christmas gifts.
If you are looking to give an unusual and a unique Christmas gift then have a look at the wonderful handmade and ecofriendly gifts that are Fair-Trade there you will discover an assortment of inspired gifts to give to those you care about this Christmas
There is a wonderful range of handcrafted and exquisite items many of which are terrific eco gift ideas. Fair-trade Christmas presents are the ultimate in sharing and caring. They mean you not only share love with your friends and family but allow others less fortunate than you to do the same
By choosing of one of these delightful ecofriendly gifts you give a chance at a better life to those less fortunate than yourself.
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Tuesday, October 21 2014

Paper made from elephant poo

elephant dung paper

Yes! People often laugh when they first encounter the idea but everything from notebooks to cards is printed on the paper.
The original motivation behind  making elephant dung paper was because in Sri Lanka elephants are a problem particularly to the farmers, damaging farmers crops and fences.  Creating a market for their excrement has made them valuable to the local people and this now offers some protection to the animals.
elephnat dung paper journals
Because elephants are vegetarian animals, their dung is pretty much just dried-out plants that are partially digested.
Childrens ecofriendly card making kit

Just love the Eco Craft-a-Card (pictured above), a lovely green gift for children. A card making kit made from elephant dung paper.

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Tuesday, October 14 2014

Recycled aluminium drink cans

These whimsical creations are made from strips of aluminium wound around a steel wire frame. The sea horses pictured make a wonderful eco-friendly gift and are made from recycled Heineken cans and fruit juice cans

Fair-Trade Recycled

Turning trash into treasure

These fabulous creatures are made in the slums and townships of South Africa. They are some of the many amazing and creative recycled items being made by artisans when the only materials available to them is discarded trash.

Recycled tin crafts

These types of crafts allow creativity to thrive and reduce the demand for new materials

recycled crafts

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Friday, October 10 2014

 Why we choose to buy one product over another is a very personal thing but even if environmentally friendly  products or social justice issues aren't high on your list of importance the fabulous gifts that are available that are also green gifts  are very appealing even without taking into account their impact on the planet or others.
Paper journals and notebooks are a terrific example of the range of eco friendly and ethical shopping choices It is now possible to easily buy beautiful handmade stationery made from a variety of materials
such as books,cards and journals are now available made from cotton paper, jute paper recycled paper even paper made from elephant dung The quality of these hand crafted recycled papers is now what makes them the first choice when looking for something special their eco friendly nature is a bonus but not the main reason people are choosing to buy them.
Next time you are looking to buy a green gift consider environmentally friendly and fairtrade products as they are so often unique, handmade and of exceptionally high quality.
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Wednesday, October 08 2014
Zulu wire bowls, traditional skills, contemporary design
These superb hand crafted Zulu baskets are woven from copper telephone wire .They are a contemporary art form involving incredible levels of skill and colour.
Zulu wire baskets
The telephone wire basket is a relatively recent craft development.The origins of telephone wire weaving have been  traced to Zulu night watchmen in urban areas of South Africa who would find discarded pieces of the wire and to banish boredom on night shifts took to weaving coloured wire around their traditional sticks. This skill was soon extended to include the making of the baskets.
Zulu wire bowls
These brilliant Zulu woven baskets now are exported worldwide and provide a sustainable and dignified income for the weavers .
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Tuesday, October 07 2014

Green Gift Ideas

 ecofriendly tote bags

Environmentally friendly and fair-trade products have less negative impact on the environment and a positive impact on people's lives and are well worth considering when you are looking to buy gifts. Consider the planet and others who we share it with when you shop as your choices can make a real difference Green gifts are an easy decision, the choices available now suit most budgets and taste and the variety is enormous.

ecofriendly childrens gifts

If we keep making  thoughtful choices when we shop we keep sending a message by the way we spend our money and the result will be more and more business bending to the pressure and taking  more notice of the ethics behind the production of their goods

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Thursday, September 11 2014
Fairtrade gifts
ecofriendly and, fairtrade products
Most of us have heard about fair trade tea, coffee and chocolate. The fair trade range goes beyond food. There is a brilliant selection of fair-trade gifts available
There is something to suit everyone and everything is hand made using traditional skills . If you are after something unique and delightful there are brilliant recycled crafts that include cars and planes and earrings Old tin cans recrafted into lovely items are a very creative gift idea Every one of these recycled items has its own unique charm
There are also really beautifully made crocheted and wooden hand made toys from little boats to hand knitted zebras and puppets which would bring joy to any child.
Fairtrade ecofriendly bags are a popular item as so many are now avoiding disposable bags From recycled fish food bags to bags made from jute they are well worth investigating The styles vary from the simple and more elegant to amazing creations made from all sorts of recycled materials
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Thursday, July 10 2014
Green Gifts
 Artisans in some of the poorest countries have developed a wonderful range of products from the limited materials available to them.  These crafts, many which originate from Africa are inspirational both in their creativity and the resourcefulness shown by the crafts people.  The range of every day functional items, ormanments, bags and jewellery being made is impressive .
There are an amazing variety of purses, wallets, and decor items appearing all made from waste The recycled tin crafts are not only a creative way of helping to clean up our planet but they  usually are made in countries where many struggle to obtain a dignified way of living and these items often  provide the only income to the people who make these brilliant items
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Friday, July 04 2014
 In many countries in Africa, resourceful people have long excelled at fashioning toys from whatever materials are available - tin cans, wire and plastic that is discarded as trash.

recycled crafts

The motivation behind the recycling is not environmental concerns but because poverty has limited their choices in life and people have found what value they can in the materials available to them. The skill and creativity applied to make these recycled products is impressive, there is in each and every product ingenuity and humour that makes these simple objects immensely appealing.
In addition to brightly coloured tin planes, cars and motor scooters made from cans there are even flowers, brightly coloured cheerful tin daisies. It is the ability to see the value in everything that makes recycled art quite inspirational
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Monday, April 21 2014

The colourful recycled animals made in Kenya were once pieces of rubber being pushed by the Indian Ocean's currents. Kenya's Ocean Sole sandal recycling company is helping to clean the East African country's beaches of used, washed-up flip-flops

recycled flip-flop animals

Workers in Nairobi make  variety of amazing products from the discarded flip-flops. In 2008, the company shipped an 18-foot giraffe to Rome for display during a fashion week. Company founder Julie Church says the goal of her company is to create products that people want to buy, then make them interested in the story behind the products.

eco animals

Workers wash the flip-flops, then glue together the various colours, they carve the products, sand and rewash them.

Ocean Sole Animals Australia

Julie Church first noticed Kenyan children turning the rubber flip-flops into toys when she worked as a marine scientist on Kenya's coast. Turtles hatching on the beach were struggling through the piles of debris on beaches to get to the ocean. A the plan to clean up the debris and create artistic and useful items was developed and flip-flop recycling was born.

flip-flop recycling

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Sunday, April 20 2014

paper bead necklace

Stylish jewellery made from recycled paper

Each unique paper bead is made from a long narrow triangle of paper cut from recycled magazines. The beads are then rolled and glued, coated and strung to make these beautiful necklaces and bracelets . The income from this jewellery gives the Ugandan artisans the income to care for their families and to lift themselves out of poverty. 
 This necklace can be worn double strand or single strand, it looks great either way. 

Jewellery that is not only lovely it is fair-trade , eco friendly and handmade

paper bead jewellery
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