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Tuesday, November 26 2019
There are many reasons to choose fair-trade products, they give back to the people who make them, they are unique handmade items and the are out of the ordinary.
These delightful Fair-Trade Christmas decorations are handmade and have that irreplaceable touch of having been individually made by a skilled artisan rather than made by machines. Each beautiful hand crafted piece is unique and because of this individual touch they make perfect gifts. 
Fair Trade Christmas
Fairtrade products come from many different countries around the globe so the range is amazing and the items fascinating.  There are stories behind the products and different cultural influences which influence the designs  
Christmas decorations ethically made
Fairtrade Christas decorations are gifts that give back. Each one of these hand sewn angels provides a small income for the woman who made it. 
ethical Christmas gift ideas
So if youre looking for that special  Fairtrade Christmas product , Im sure youll be delighted at what you discover.

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Thursday, April 04 2019

Fair-Trade African Baskets

These striking African baskets are handmade in Swaziland. Weaving skills have been handed down for generations in Swaziland from mother to daughter. Baskets woven traditionally were functional for food bowls and had no colour, colour is a recent introduction. Basket weaving has recently become an artistic medium, increasingly motivated by aesthetics and reflects a new level of sophistication and expertise

This gorgeous woven African basket is made from sisal fibres The sisal plant is used because of its strength. The fibre is harvested, dried, hand dyed and  then made into a thin coil by being rolled against the weaver's leg becaue of this long process these are one of the most labour intensive of all African baskets for their size.

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Tuesday, January 01 2019
reusable lunch bag
These re-usable lunchbags are the perfect way to identify your lunch in the office fridge, that's if you can keep these gorgeous oil cloth lunch bags for yourself and they don't end up taking lunch to school with the kids!
floral lunch bags
Made from Mexican oilcloth these brightly coloured oilcloth lunch bags are the ideal way to brighten up your day The lunch bags are easily wiped clean, they fit over a standard sized lunch box and fold over and close with a Velcro seal
oil cloth bags
The Mexican oilcloth used for these lunch-bags is a traditional fabric you probably remember as a brightly coloured cloth on your Grans kitchen table.  It’s a highly durable, fade resistant, stain resistant and it simply wipes clean. The lunch bags are also available with insulation. Just perfect for those hot summer days.
lunchbags insulated
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Thursday, November 01 2018

Ecofriendly Christmas Gifts

More and more people are looking to find a way of celebrating Christmas in a way that is simpler and environmentally frendly. There are so many amazing products made from recycled materials such as the  bowls made from recycled paper that its easy to find products that are sustainable

There are a growing number of thoughtful consumers who are looking for unique, ecofriendly gifts, gifts that last and gifts that do no harm to planet and people, green gifts such as these flowers made from recycled material are not only delightful they are fair-trade so the people who make them benfit from the sale of the products.

ecofriendly gifts

Green Christmas gifts will delight the recipient with their originality and thoughtfulness. These animal mobiles have been made from recycled books. 

recycled gifts

For a more practical gift you cant go past the traditional string bags. They are strong, stylish, sustainably made and a great way to replace plastic bags.

string bags

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Tuesday, September 18 2018

Many people are now choosing to buy sustainable, ethical and upcycled products. Luckily there is now a fantastic range of eco products available for all tastes and ages.

An ecofriendly gift idea for men is these upcycled wallets. Made from recycled tyres the wallets are not only stylish they are strong and waterproof.

                                                                    wallets upcycled

Amazing sculptures made from upcycled flip-flops are another brilliant eco gift idea. These brilliantly coloured hand carved animals are drawing attention to the problem of marine pollution.

recycled flip-flop animal

A lovely practical gift eco gift is these bags made from upcycled sails. The inside of the bags are lined with recycled rice bags making them easy to clean and perfect for both shopping and the family picnic.

bags upcycled eco

For someone who is concerned about the environment these journals are not only ecofriendly but they are helping to save elephants. Made from a mixture of upcycled paper and elephant dung paper these lovely journals are a great eco gift idea that not only do good they will bring a smile to the recipients face.

eco-friendly gifts australia

These are just a few of the eco friendly and ethically made items ithat can be found in Ethical Gifts online store

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Wednesday, August 29 2018

With such striking designs and colours combined with the intricacy, accuracy and skill this craft takes these Zulu baskets never fail to impress . Each telephone wire basket is a unique, exquisite art piece. 

Fair-Trade Bowls and Baskets

Telephone wire basket weaving is an indigenous South African craft which has evolved from the extraordinary basket weaving skills of the Zulus. Using telephone wire to weave with was first started by night-watchmen who to allay the boredom of the long nights .

Fairtrade Australia

"Beginning in the late 1960's, Zulu night watchmen started weaving scraps of this wire around their traditional sticks. This new material was also applied to making izimbenge - beer pot covers - that had been traditionally made from grass and palm. Today, there is wide variety in the creative use of this wire, and, in post-Apartheid South Africa, Zulu craft artists are imbuing old forms with the colourful contemporary material of telecommunications. The result is a vibrant, distinctive new folk form gaining international attention."

Wired- Contemporary Zulu Telephone Wire Baskets. David Arment

Telephone Wire Bowls and Baskets Australia

These telephone wire baskets were woven in the subsistence farming area of KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa . No two Zulu baskets will be identical as each artisan draws on their own creativity to produce unique designs and patterns. 

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Wednesday, August 15 2018

Thousands of flip-flops wash up onto the East African coast each year creating an environmental disaster. The plastic flip-flop pieces do not just spoil the natural beauty of the beaches and oceans but marine creatures swallow and suffocate on them and they stop turtle hatchlings from reaching the sea. They are another man-made menace to the earths fragile ecosystems. Flip-flops are made from a combination of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate and other plastics and they do not biodegrade. They do however photo-degrade, breaking up into smaller and smaller pieces to form part of the plastic soup plaguing our oceans.

Cheap flip-flop footwear is a common item found along Kenya’s shores as over 3 billion people world wide can only afford that type of shoe. With a lifespan of just two years the volume of discarded footwear rapidly adds up. Because of ocean currents an estimated 90 tons of flip-flops find their way to East Africa's beaches every year. Ocean Sole is turning the waste into brightly coloured sculptures, recycling as many as 400,000 flip-flops each year.

ocean sole lions

Ocean Sole arranges for the collection of the flip-flops they are then cleaned  then compressed into large solid blocks then, the artists, many of whom are former woodcarvers, carve the blocks into a variety of African and marine animals.

flip-flop animal carvings

Ocean Sole’s creative team of artisans are not only transforming discarded flip flops into colourful masterpieces, they are drawing attention to the importance of marine conservation and the damage plastic waste is doing to our oceans.

ocean sole recycled flip-flop animals


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Tuesday, June 26 2018

Elephant Dung Paper Journals

There's a lot of crap out there being sold and they pretend it's not crap. This environmentally friendly range of stationery was crap.  It is stylish, affordable recycled paper products that are unlike any other, they have been recycled through an elephant!  Yup, our eco-friendly notebooks and journals are made entirely from an environmentally responsible source, elephant poo.

eco stationery recycled

How is The Paper Made

 First the dung is sun dried and then sterilized by boiling it at 120 degrees in a sealed high-pressure boiler.
The pulp is then mixed to break up the fibers. Recycled office waste is then added for consistency, before being spread on to submerged screens to create sheets of paper. No bleaches or acids are used in the production of the paper with salt dyes used to create the beautiful colours.

ecofriendly stationery

Where Is It Made

Made in Sri Lanka where there is  need for employment in rural areas and for the conservation of the endangered Sri Lankan elephant  the production of the paper directly contributes to the villager’s income and a percentage of the profits go to the Millennium Elephant Foundation which provides a home for ex-working and orphaned elephants, holiday care for working elephants as well as a mobile veterinary service.

recycled stationery

Buy Our Eco Max Stationery Here

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Saturday, June 09 2018

Upcycled Wallets

The resources on this planet will not last forever and so many materials otherwise seen as rubbish can be used to create new functional and tasteful products. Our upcycled wallets and toiletry bags are made in Australia using recycled tyre inner tubes- each item is unique and handmade.

recycled gifts for men

Upcycling is becoming increasingly popular among people who are concerned about waste and its impact on the natural environmnetThese upcycled bike tube wallets and bags have been developed for people who want stylish and functional wallets but do not want them at the expense of the environment. 

recycled wallet

Upcycling is a more environmentally friendly way of recycling –a new purpose is found for unwanted items rather than throwing them away.  It’s all about taking disposable things and creating something useful from them. These upcycled wallets are made from the softest inner tube material available with a cotton inner lining.

upcycled wallets

 The need to find alternative ways to deal with our waste has never been greater and more people are now looking to minimise waste. Upcycled wallets are the perfect gift for the environmentally aware 

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Thursday, May 31 2018

The collection of mama and baby animals is from the talented makers of GoGo Olive in Zimbabwe. Just as mothers traditionally carry their babies tied on their back so do these sweet handmade African animal mamas.

fair-trade toys

These gorgeous mother and baby soft toys are knitted by the artisans of Gogo Olive in Zimbabwe. Shumba means lion in Shona and each mother and baby Shumba have been given a name which is attached with a swing tag along with the story behind these beautiful hand knitted toys.

Fairtrade Knitted toys

Each Daddy twza, twaza means giraffe in Shona, has a different coloured jumper making each and every one of these superbly made toy giraffes unique.  

hand knitted toys

Nzou means elephant in Shona and these mother elephants and babies will soon become a childs best Shamwari (friend).

Gogo Olive is an organization that was set up as a response to the huge unemployment problem in Zimbabwe. The women who make the toys are able to earn money from the sale of them to help support their families.

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