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Tin Daisy Magnets


Recycled tin flower fridge magnets


Recycled Drink Cans 

These gorgeous brightly coloured daisy magnets  are made from recycled drink cans. Each vibrant recycled flower is a different combination of colours and patterns depending on the tin that has been used. They are not only a bright and cheerful addition to any kitchen they display an impressive ability to find value in something we assume is valueless.

Dimensions: Width 7cm

A unique gift, eco-friendly, hand made and fairtrade

This product conforms with fair trade practice Handmade Made mainly from sustainable or recycled materials Manufacturer maximises use of environmentally friendly practices

African recycled arts and crafts are hand-made by people who earn some income from making amazing items from trash. Each piece is unique. When you buy these items you can be sure you're supporting a struggling artisan, helping the environment, and bringing some colour and a touch of whimsy into your own home


Eco-friendly Journals

Thick Textured Handmade Paper, Just Lovely

handmade and fairtrade toys-Teaset
This dinosaur is just brilliant with it's happy smiley face

Ecofriendly Gifts & Fairtrade Gifts

  Ethical Gifts has a great range of unique gift ideas,fairtrade gifts, recycled gifts and eco-friendly gifts. Gifts you can buy safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for our world and for the people we share it with.


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