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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Paper made from elephant poo

elephant dung paper

Yes! People often laugh when they first encounter the idea but everything from notebooks to cards is printed on the paper.
The original motivation behind  making elephant dung paper was because in Sri Lanka elephants are a problem particularly to the farmers, damaging farmers crops and fences.  Creating a market for their excrement has made them valuable to the local people and this now offers some protection to the animals.
elephnat dung paper journals
Because elephants are vegetarian animals, their dung is pretty much just dried-out plants that are partially digested.
Childrens ecofriendly card making kit

Just love the Eco Craft-a-Card (pictured above), a lovely green gift for children. A card making kit made from elephant dung paper.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Recycled aluminium drink cans

These whimsical creations are made from strips of aluminium wound around a steel wire frame. The sea horses pictured make a wonderful eco-friendly gift and are made from recycled Heineken cans and fruit juice cans

Fair-Trade Recycled

Turning trash into treasure

These fabulous creatures are made in the slums and townships of South Africa. They are some of the many amazing and creative recycled items being made by artisans when the only materials available to them is discarded trash.

Recycled tin crafts

These types of crafts allow creativity to thrive and reduce the demand for new materials

recycled crafts

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